Thursday, October 15, 2015

60 hours without a phone but who's counting?

My show this past weekend was in downtown Houston and was horrifically run.  Nothing about the logistics of it made any sense and it was a complete pain, but a more in depth recollection warrants a whole new blog post so that’s all I’m going to say.  Set up started at 9 pm so I didn’t get to bed until 2 am Saturday morning, so needless to say I was a little tired on Saturday.  The show was fairly slow which doesn’t help. Then I went out to dinner with a friend and got back to the RV, plug in my phone to charge and was in bed by 9. Just to ensure a fantastic night’s sleep, I took 2 nyquil and was OUT.  Sunday morning I wake up to get my phone so I can send pictures of the inside of my RV to someone who is interested in buying it. But I cant find my phone!  I know I had taken Nyquil, but I shouldn’t have been that out of it to think I charged my phone but didn’t?  So I dump the contents of my backpack that was the previous place I’d had my phone, and nothing.  So someone must have seen the cord going from the cigarette lighter under a towel on the passenger seat in the dark- and let me remind you, this is an RV so its tall, you don’t just walk through the parking lot and casually see what’s sitting on the seats (Especially when that something is underneath a bunched up towel!!!!) you really have to get close to the window and be looking for something in order to see it.  And this POS must have assumed that there was something attached to the end of that cord and had the audacity to reach his hand in through the cracked window (“Well why were your windows cracked Alexa?” you might ask.  Umm because this is the dustbowl wasteland known as South Texas and it’s a million degrees that’s why. I would have literally died if the windows had been closed. And I was parked in a lot amidst a hundred other Artists in RVs). 
So now I’m 99% sure my phone has been stolen and I have no clue what time it is, so I knock on my neighbors RV who is a friend of mine and ask to borrow her phone and sure enough mine goes straight to voicemail. 
Enraged, I go to the show, am unable to run credit card transactions for the day on Sunday, but my biggest concern is I don’t know where my friend whom I’ve been staying with lives and I don’t know her phone number either of course.  I sent her a facebook message asking her what her address is using someone else’s phone and assuming that I’d check my messages again by the end of the day to see her response. I would have been EXTREMELY shocked if a member of my generation who has facebook (so yeah, all of them) didn’t check their page over the course of 12 hours.  Soon after I sent her the message though, I remember I had some boxes shipped to her address and I luckily had one with me which had the address on it and was able to google directions on someone’s phone that way and, dear I say it, write them down on paper!  Yup, when you’re phone gets stolen folks, and you need to figure out how to get somewhere, you go old school- sort of. 
I made it back to her house no problem and went to Verizon the next day to replace it.  I had insured the phone so one might assume that if I had insurance on an Iphone5, my Iphone5 gets stolen, Verizon does indeed carry Iphone5s in stock, then I should just be able to get one Iphone5 there right? WRONG they have to spend like $50 of my $99 deductible to overnight ship it to ¼ mile from said Verizon store.  Ohh ya, that makes perfect sense, seems to be a lot of that going around in my life this week/weekend.

My experiments in going places without the aid of google maps continued Monday night when I had plans to go a friend from college’s house for dinner.  I, of course didn’t know her number either, and she on the other hand doesn’t check her facebook messages ever, so I had to send a message to a mutual friend to text her the situation.  I got her address again, got directions from a friend and headed that direction for a 7:00 dinner.  I had no clue what time it was when I headed that direction or what time it was when I got there, but all I know is if you miss one turn written on a sticky note, it doesn’t redirect you like google maps, you have to figure it out yourself! Unfortunately for me, every other road in the Woodlands is named Cypresswood something or other which led to some confusion in my ninja-redirecting of myself, and when I finally felt like I wasn’t going to find it, I pulled over at a little “Mercado” and got some guy who was playing on his smart phone in the parking lot to “buscar direcciones” for me. 
My phone arrived promptly the next morning like it was supposed to and the universe has returned to normal.
Except that the case I ordered doesn’t fit.

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